Need to know about Hezky Herbal?

The brand Hezky Herbal was founded with a vision of making Natural Herbal and Organic, chemical-free products at affordable prices. The brand is committed to providing holistic wellness to everyone. My mom has made hair oil at home with all-natural ingredients since my school days.

I wanted to reach as many people as I can with these miraculous products and let everyone get the benefits. But for some reason after marriage, I couldn’t continue doing it. I faced many difficult circumstances in my life, but I was fortunate to find support from my brother. I stood back up and started all over again.

I made it my vision to go ahead creating this business for supporting women especially signal mothers who are struggling for survival. With your support, I’m looking forward to creating an opportunity for many more women like me.

At present, our qualitative range of products includes Rudra-Pushpa Hair OilHarit-arb Hair Oil and Tejay Kesha Hair Spray – Jasmine.

Be sure to check back in as we will be launching new categories very soon. Wishing you good health and glossy hair.

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